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Crystal is a proud Latina, Wife, and Mother of two. She was born in Chicago and lived there until the age of four before having to relocate to Denver with her mother. Crystal is no stranger to family conflict. Growing up she witnessed many failed relationships and marriages all around her, including that of her own parents. She understands the psychological and emotional effect it can have on an individual, especially a child. These experiences she’s encountered have allowed her to be able to really understand and relate to anyone who currently finds themselves in a similar situation.

Before starting Meza Mediation Services, Crystal worked as a paralegal for Peek Family Law, LLC for several years, managing many cases from divorces to parenting time and child support disputes. In January of 2019, she transitioned to Johnson Mediation Group where she worked as a mediator under the supervision of mediator Sara Johnson and alongside mediator, attorney, and CFI Stephanie Suzanne.

She loves to spend time with her family, outdoors, traveling, and just living life to the fullest.

“During my career as a family law paralegal, I learned that the legal process can come off as complex and intimidating to the average person, especially for those individuals who do not speak English or have learned English as a second language. The legal process also has a language of its own. It can be very frightening to navigate through when you are not familiar with it, let alone understand it. I basically want to help individuals navigate through the mediation process by the use of my skills and experience, with the hopes of making the process feel less stressful and burdensome for them.”




Meza Mediation is a bilingual mediation firm that specializes in mediating Domestic Relations matters such as divorce, parenting time, and child support issues. Whether your case is contested or non-contested, here at Meza Mediation we can help facilitate and create an agreement that is in the best interest of the parties and/or their child(ren). We also offer additional mediation services for other areas of disputes, such as civil cases, animal-related, and landlord/tenant disputes.

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Questions And Answers

Mediation is the process where both individuals involved in a domestic relations case meet with a third party neutral, the mediator, to attempt to resolve any and all pending issues within their case.

If either parties fails to mediate or participate, the mediator will provide the participating party a Mediation Status Report, with a brief description of what resulted, to file with the Court. Depending on the Judge or Magistrate overseeing the case, the case will wither proceed to hearing or will be referred back to mediation.

Yes. Documents may vary, depending on the type of case you have. For divorces, you must provide a copy of your most recently completed Sworn Financial Statement, three most recent months of bank statements, three most recent years of income taxes, and any additional financial disclosures required by the Courts 35.1 Mandatory Financial Disclosures Form. To establish a new parenting time and child support agreement or for a modification, the mediator will need proof of income for both parties, any recent Court Orders, CFI reports, or any documents you feel might be helpful to the process.

If the parties are unable to settle there disputes, the mediator will provide the parties with a Certificate of Mediation Completion to file with the Court. There case will continue to hearing.

If the parties are able to resolve all pending issues, the mediator will draft and provide the parties a Memorandum of Understanding to file with the Court to begin the finalization process.