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About us:

Meza Mediation is a bilingual mediation firm that specializes in mediating Domestic Relations matters such as divorce, parenting time, and child support issues.

Whether your case is contested or non-contested, here at Meza Mediation we can help facilitate and create an agreement that is in the best interest of the parties and/or their child(ren). We also offer additional mediation services for other areas of disputes, such as civil cases, animal-related, and landlord/tenant disputes.

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity..”

At Meza Mediation, we focus on providing the best solutions for both parties that are long-lasting, while maintaining respect for each side.


Dissolution of Marriage

If you are seeking to end your marriage, you need a dissolution of marriage for you and your spouse. There are many steps in the process of dissolving a marriage.

Allocation of Parental Responsibilities

As life changes, you might need modification.

District Civil

Resolving a civil dispute, takes time and concentration, we are here to help!

Notary Services

We also provide free notary services with a mediation session.

Translation Services

We specialize and are familiar in family law and legal terms.

Other Mediation Services

View all of our services ->

Modification of Child Support

As life changes, you might need modification.

Modification of Parental Time

Some of the situations warrant a change of the current parenting time, we can help keep things efficient and fair.


Monica Jaurez
Calm and professional.
     Crystal is calm and professional in any situation. She did an excellent job as my mediator, we worked on a complicated matter, and she was effective and efficient, she has excellent skills in addressing clients' needs and keeping the conversation focused and positive. I highly recommend her.
Luis Dominguez
Knowledgeable and Well-Reasoned
     Crystal is honest and direct. She thoroughly knows her subject manner and is easy to work with.


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  • What is mediation?

    Mediation is the process where both individuals involved in a domestic relations case meet with a third-party neutral, the mediator, to attempt to resolve any and all pending issues within their case.

  • What happens if we are unable to resolve our disputes?

    If the parties are unable to settle there disputes, the mediator will provide the parties with a Certificate of Mediation Completion to file with the Court. There case will continue to hearing.

  • What happens if we resolve all pending issues?

    If the parties are able to resolve all pending issues, the mediator will draft and provide the parties a Memorandum of Understanding to file with the Court to begin the finalization process.


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